Correct use of shackles China JBY Supply

Shackle, which is an indispensable rigging accessories in lifting construction, can be used to connect lifting pulley and fixed sling, etc. it is widely used as a light and flexible connecting tool. Shackles can be divided into bow shackles [...]

Effect of Difference Surface Treatment on High Strength Shackle Performance China JBY Supply

In different cases, according to the characteristics of the product itself and customer requirements, high-strength shackle can be galvanized, oxidized, plated Dacromet, sprayed plastic and other surface treatment. The thickness of oxide film is mainly affected by the concentration of [...]

Turnbuckle bolt China JBY Supply

The turnbuckle bolt can adjust the tightness of the wire rope by expanding and contracting with the lead screw. Bundled components in component transportation are easy to loosen in installation and correction.But it consists of adjusting rods, nuts and [...]

Rigging rust prevention China JBY Supply

Metal corrosion is a spontaneous process of metal transformation from high potential energy unit to compound. Sling gear is a hardware and mechanical tool. Without effective protective measures, corrosion will be inevitable. Therefore, the sling will face the problem [...]

Turnbuckle maintenance China JBY Supply

The following points of effective maintenance and maintenance of turnbuckle are briefly introduced: 1、Check before using turnbuckle. If the product is damaged,  do not use it. 2、Turnbuckle should be kept in a way that does not knot or twist together. 3、Moving turnbuckle [...]