Grade 70 Transport Chain

  • Grade 70 Transport Chain China JBY Supply

    JBY is one of the largest rigging manufacturers and suppliers in China.China JBY Supply Grade 70 Transport Chain  is  a high quality and low price products. This Grade 70 Transport chain, or binder chain, is a Alloy steel tie down chain, used for cargo control, tie down application, offers 25% more strength than grade 43 log chain, as the heat-treated carbon steel is more durable for stabilizing large loads. You might also like: Grade 43 High Test Chain. Chain Anchor Delta Ring With Grab Hook.



    • According to ASTM A413 and NACM Specification
    • Available with ASTM80,NACM90 and NACM96
    • Proof tested to 2x the Working Load Limit
    • Finishing: Yellow Chromate