Clevis Grab Hooks Grade 70

  • Clevis Grab Hook Grade 70 China JBY Supply

    JBY is one of the largest rigging manufacturers and suppliers in China.China JBY Supply  Clevis Grab Hook Include Clevis Grab Hook Grade 70 and Clevis Grab Hook Grade 43 .China JBY  Clevis Grab Hook Grade 70  are carefully forged, quenched, and tempered for maximum strength with out the excessive bulk.This Clevis Grab Hooks Grade 70 is very common on transport chain ends, and is made specifically for grade 70 transport chain.  This high quality Alloy Clevis Grab Hooks can survive even the toughest conditions.( Clevis Grab Hook Grade 43 are also Available).You might also like: Forged Alloy Eye Bend Hook; Clevis Slip Hooks Grade 70.



    • Designed to be used with Grade 70 Alloy Chain
    • Finishes include self-colored, Powder plasticized, or zinc plated
    • Design ultimate strength equals 4 times working load limit, matching NACM specifications
    • Hooks are embossed with grade 70 marking
    • Strength tested and heat treated for maximum safety and durability
    • Heat treated pins,Hooks are forged, heat treated and tempered