Eye Grab Hooks Grade 70

  • Eye Grab Hook Grade 70 China JBY Supply

    China JBY Supply  Eye Grab Hook Include  eye grab hook grade 43 and eye grab hook grade 70,are designed for attaching to the end of wire rope slings. China JBY Supply eye grab hook(High Test Eye Grab Hook) are carefully forged, quenched, and tempered for maximum strength with out the excessive bulk.This Grade 70 Eye Grab Hook is very common on transport chain ends, and is made specifically for grade 70 transport chain. This high quality Alloy steel Eye Grab Hooks can survive even the toughest conditions.



    • Forged Alloy steel
    • Quenched and tempered
    • Finishes include self-colored, Powder plasticized, or zinc plated
    • 4 to 1 Design Factor
    • Do Not Exceed the Working Load Limit