Din 1480 Turnbuckles Stub End

  • Din1480 Turnbuckles Stub End China JBY Supply

     JBY is one of the largest rigging manufacturers and suppliers in China.China JBY Supply Din 1480 Turnbuckles Stub End is  a high quality and low price products.Galvanized Turnbuckle(aka Straining Screw) DIN 1480 with stub ends, these turnbuckles are available in sizes ranging from M5 to M36 to fit every project and are made from super carbon steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. They are ideal for marine and industrial applications.You might also like: Din 1480 Turnbuckle Hook & Eye; Din 1480 Hook & Hook Turnbuckle.



    • Material:  forged steel Designed in accordance with DIN 1480. Stub End: Self- Colored or Galvanized
    • Ultimate load is 5 times working load limited.  End fittings are quenched and tempered, bodies heat treated by normalizing.
    • Meets the performance requirements of Federal Specifications FF-T-791b, Type 1 Form 1 -CLASS 3, and ASTM F-1145.