Din1478 Closed Body Turnbuckle Hook And Eye China JBY Supply

Din1478 Closed Body Turnbuckle Hook And Eye China JBY Supply

 JBY is one of the largest rigging manufacturers and suppliers in China. China JBY Supply Din 1478 Closed Body Turnbuckle Hook & Eye is  a high quality and low price products. Din 1478 Hook & Eye Closed Body Turnbuckle(Din 1478 Rigging Screw)consist of a metal frame with right hand thread one end and left hand thread the other end. Used for tensioning by rotating turnbuckle body without twisting attached rope .You might also like:Din 1478 Hook & Hook Closed Body Turnbuckles; Din 1478 Hook & Eye Turnbuckles.



  • Materials: Carbon steel
  • Surface treatment: Zinc plated
  • Process: Drop forged, casting
  • Special specifications and marks can be made according to customer`s requirement

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REMEMBER: CHINA JBY SUPPLY ANY PRODUCT WILL BREAK IF ABUSED, MISUSED, OVERUSED OR NOT MAINTAINED PROPERLY. Such breaks can cause loads to fall or swing out of control, possibly resulting in serious injury or death as well as major property damage.





Part No. d1 l1 d2l2l3 l4X
min max Kg 
JBY1478HH01M 6110650771602509.50.16
JBY1478HH02M 811086098204289110.2

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