Galvanized Wire Rope Clip Din741 China JBY Supplier

Galvanized Wire Rope Clip Din741 China JBY Supplier

JBY is one of the largest rigging manufacturers and suppliers in China.China JBY Supply Galvanized Wire Rope Clip Din741 is a high quality and low price products.Galvanized Wire Rope Clip Din741, also called Malleable Din741 Wire Rope Clamp, is used to fix the loose end of the loop back to the wire rope. It usually consists of a U-shaped bolt, a forged or cast saddle and two nuts. The two layers of wire rope are placed in the U-bolt.You might also like: Clevis Slip Hook With Latch Grade 70; Alloy Swivel Hook With Latch.



  • Wire rope clips for steel wire rope for general applications.
  •  Forged U-bolts and casted bases.
  • Finish: Galvanized.
  • Very high corrosion resistance
  • Size:5mm to 40mm


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REMEMBER: CHINA JBY SUPPLY ANY PRODUCT WILL BREAK IF ABUSED, MISUSED, OVERUSED OR NOT MAINTAINED PROPERLY. Such breaks can cause loads to fall or swing out of control, possibly resulting in serious injury or death as well as major property damage.





Code No.SizeABCDILL1Unit


JBY741033211010M 4920120,010
JBY741055241110M 51124130,020
JBY741066261211M 51328150,020
JBY741088301415M 61634190,020
JBY7411010372019M 82042220,060
JBY7411111382020M 82144220,060
JBY7411212442523M 102555300,110
JBY7411414462525M 102757300,120
JBY7411616522828M 123063330,150
JBY7411919583234M 123475380,230
JBY7412222643535M 143885440,270
JBY7412626683838M 144295450,300
JBY7413030804045M 1650110500,500
JBY7413232804045M 1650118500,650
JBY7413434884552M 1654120550,680
JBY7414040954858M 1660140600,860



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