G-400 Forged Eye Nut

  • G-400 Forged Eye Nut China JBY Supply

    JBY is one of the largest rigging manufacturers and suppliers in China.China JBY Supply  G-400 Forged Eye Nut is  a high quality and low price products. Eye Nuts G-400 have standard UNC threads for attachment to the appropriate hardware for an In-Line pull, and are available in 1/4” to 2” sizes for use in a variety of applications.You might also like: Regular Nut Eye Bolts G-291; Shoulder Eye Bolts G-277



    • Forged Steel – Quenched and Tempered.
    • Hot Dip galvanized.
    • Tapped with standard UNC class 2 threads after galvanizing.
    • Satisfies ASME B30.26 requirements.