Clevis Slip Hook Grade 43

  • Clevis Slip Hook Grade 43 China JBY Supply

    China JBY Supply  Clevis Slip Hook Include  clevis slip hook grade 43 and  clevis slip hook grade 70,are designed for attaching to the end of wire rope slings.China JBY  Clevis Slip Hook Grade 43  (also called High Test Clevis Slip Hook)designed to allow chain to Slip through the Hook. China JBY Grade 43 Clevis Slip Hook Drop forged construction, and zinc plated finish in grade 43.(Grade 70 Clevis Slip Hook are available).



    • Wide throat opening allows the chain to move freely through the hook
    • Heat treated pins, Hooks are heat treated and tempered
    • Design ultimate strength equals 3 times working load limit, matching NACM specifications.
    • Finishes include self-colored, painted red, or bright zinc (ASME B633-85 Class Fe/Zn 5, Type III)