Clevis Slip Hook With Latch Grade 70 China JBY Supply

Clevis Slip Hook With Latch Grade 70 China JBY Supply

China JBY Supply  Clevis Slip Hook With Latch Include clevis slip hook with latch grade 70 and  clevis slip hook with latch grade 43 ,made by Forged Carbon Steel or Alloy Steel, quenched & tempered, complete with a safety latch.China JBY  Clevis Slip Hook With Latch Grade70 widely used with Chain and Wire Rope through some connecting links,such as Hammer Lock Links, Repair Links, Clevis Links, Rope Thimbles.




  • Heat treated pins,Hooks are forged, heat treated and tempered
  • Design ultimate strength equals 4 times working load limit, matching NACM specifications
  • Hooks are embossed with grade 70 marking
  • Strength tested and heat treated for maximum safety and durability
  • Finishes include self-colored, Powder plasticized, or zinc plated

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REMEMBER: China JBY  SUPPLY ANY PRODUCT WILL BREAK IF ABUSED, MISUSED, OVERUSED OR NOT MAINTAINED PROPERLY. Such breaks can cause loads to fall or swing out of control, possibly resulting in serious injury or death as well as major property damage





Part. NO.SizeWEIGHTWLLA±1B±1.5L±3M±2E±2

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