Wire Rope Thimble DIN 6899B

  • Wire Rope Thimble DIN 6899B China JBY Supply

    JBY is one of the largest rigging manufacturers and suppliers in China. China JBY Supply Wire Rope Thimble DIN 6899 B is  a high quality and low price products. This Galvanized Wire Rope Thimbles (DIN 6899 B)  are widely used for light duty rigging applications. Din 6899 B Wire Rope Thimble is designed as a reinforcement for cable eye. Simply loop the cable around the outer groove and secure with a ferrule or wire rope grip. For Rope Size from 2.5mm to 64mm .You might also like: Galvanized Wire Rope Thimble DIN 6899 A; G-414 Extra Heavy Wire Rope Thimble.



    • Manufactured to a standard similar to DIN 6899 (B)
    • Made by Carbon Steel
    • Zinc plated surface finished.
    • Promotes a longer service life for sling