Regular Nut Eye Bolts G-291 China JBY Supply

Regular Nut Eye Bolts G-291 China JBY Supply

JBY is one of the largest rigging manufacturers and suppliers in China.China JBY Supply  Regular Nut Eye Bolts G-291  is  a high quality and low price products.Regular Nut Eye Bolt G-291 is extensively appreciated and demanded in market for its salient features such as sturdy construction, perfect finish, etc. Further, Galvanized Regular Eye Bolts is checked on different parameters to ensure that we are delivering only flawless product to our clients.You might also like: G-400 Forged Eye NutS-279 Machinery Shoulder Eye Bolt



  • Forged Steel — Quenched and Tempered.
  • Furnished with standard Hot Dip galvanized hex nuts.
  • Recommended for in-line pull.
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME A153, including identification, ductility, design factor, proof load and temperature requirements. Importantly, these bolts meet other critical performance requirements, including fatigue life, impact properties and material traceability.
  • Size:1/4 x 2″ to 1 1/4 x 20″

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REMEMBER: CHINA JBY SUPPLY ANY PRODUCT WILL BREAK IF ABUSED, MISUSED, OVERUSED OR NOT MAINTAINED PROPERLY. Such breaks can cause loads to fall or swing out of control, possibly resulting in serious injury or death as well as  property damage.












Part. NoShank Dia & Length  (in)Working Load Limit (lbs)Weight per 100 (lbs) Dimensions (in)
JBYG291EB011/4 x 25008.20.250.511.523.06
JBYG291EB021/4 x 450011.70.250.512.545.06
JBYG291EB035/16 x 2 1/480013.30.310.621.
JBYG291EB045/16 x 4 1/4800250.310.621.
JBYG291EB053/8 x 2 1/2120023.30.380.751.
JBYG291EB063/8 x 4 1/2120029.50.380.751.
JBYG291EB073/8 x 6120035.20.380.751.52.567.62
JBYG291EB081/2 x 3 1/4220050.30.5121.53.255.38
JBYG291EB091/2 x 6220066.10.512368.12
JBYG291EB101/2 x 82200820.5123810.12
JBYG291EB111/2 x 102200880.51231012.12
JBYG291EB121/2 x 122200114.20.51231214.12
JBYG291EB131/2 x 152200116.850.51241517.12
JBYG291EB145/8 x 43500103.10.621.252.5246.69
JBYG291EB155/8 x 63500118.20.621.252.5368.69
JBYG291EB165/8 x 83500135.10.621.252.53810.69
JBYG291EB175/8 x 103500153.60.621.252.531012.69
JBYG291EB185/8 x 123500167.10.621.252.541214.69
JBYG291EB195/8 x 153500201.160.621.252.551517.69
JBYG291EB205/8 x 243500279.10.621.252.562426.69
JBYG291EB213/4 x 4 1/25200168.60.751.5324.57.69
JBYG291EB223/4 x 65200184.50.751.53369.19
JBYG291EB233/4 x 85200207.90.751.533811.19
JBYG291EB243/4 x 1052002350.751.5331013.19
JBYG291EB253/4 x 125200257.50.751.5341215.19
JBYG291EB263/4 x 1552002980.751.5351518.19
JBYG291EB277/8 x 572002700.881.753.52.558.75
JBYG291EB287/8 x 872003080.881.753.54811.75
JBYG291EB297/8 x 1272004000.881.753.541215.75
JBYG291EB301 x 6100004211243610.31
JBYG291EB311 x 910000468.51244913.31
JBYG291EB321 x 121000054012441216.31
JBYG291EB331 x 181000065012471822.31
JBYG291EB341 1/4 x 8152007501.252.554813.38
JBYG291EB351 1/4 x 12152009001.252.5541217.38
JBYG291EB361 1/4 x 201520012101.252.5562025.38

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